Boss Skin Twin Set

You Are The Boss. Let Your Skin Announce It.

Being the Boss comes with its own level of excitement. You work harder than everyone else because after all, your name is the brand for your company.


This comes with its own kind of pressure because no matter how hard you work on any given day, there is still so much to do. So, the vital lesson is, learn that there will always be something else that requires your undivided attention i.e. meetings whereby only your input is sought or a social event that needs your presence to grace it for added and much needed credibility. After a while, you start to feel exhausted and maybe even lethargic however, with the right tools for self-love and care, no matter how full your diary becomes, it will all seem like the proverbial “walk-in-the-park”.


Regalo Céu’s Twin Set Minis are excellent for business trips & weekend breaks. The 50ml size per product will fit into your carry-on luggage perfectly which will eradicate time being wasted at the check in counter.


Benefits of Citrus Alleviation for your skin.

Citrus blend cleanses and moisturizes your skin revealing a beautiful glow.

Citrus is an excellent mood uplifter making you feel energized to take on your day successfully.  



Benefits of Flawless Frankincense for your skin.

Frankincense is the oil of Royalty. Positive imagery is what distinguishes you from others.

     It keeps you in control, ever confident with a noticeable positive glow.

Frankincense contains citrus which refines your skin’s complexion to reveal a beautiful glow.


Research has proven that our sense of smell has a major impact on the way we feel. It extends as far as remembering past, pleasant memories. Since this powerful tool is much needed especially in a highly demanding environment, it makes much more sense to use skincare with fragrances which connect to your sensors to energize, centre and increase your confidence because when you smell great, you feel great and when you feel great, you are confident and in control.

Indulge yourself in Regalo Céu’s Citrus Alleviation Body Wash and Flawless Frankincense Body Lotion for energy and confidence which flows through to your skin for an undeniable glow.


You are the Boss. Let your skin announce it. Take action Today.

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