The Perfect Gift Ideas

Gift giving conveys a most powerful message of appreciation.


  • Event Complimentary Gift: At any given event, clients are always mesmerized by a well thought out ceremony but the ambassador that continues to leave an impression well after - is the complimentary gift received.


  • Personal Special Gift: Flowers are personal as they are the conveyor of unspoken emotions and sentiments however, when they are paired with a well thought out gift, it makes an even bigger statement.


  • Business Brand Ambassador: In the property industry or any other industry which relies on client referrals, once the deal is closed, a token of appreciation acts as an ambassador long after the ink dries on the contract. This creates increased business as “word of mouth” is the most powerful marketing tool - ever.


Regalo Céu has the perfect products to meet such above mentioned needs and more. Exciting essential oil blends and natural ingredients will ensure your guests feel incredibly special when they receive such a gift as this. In addition, every gift pack will be presented in a luxurious black gift box to ensure you make an exquisite impression.


If you want to customize your gift pack, we will be pleased to mix and match fragrances and product type. Just drop us a message in the Contact Us box below and we shall do this for you.


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