Self Love Twin Set

Own your busy day. Glow in the midst of it.

Nobody likes an uptight boss. It brings down morale, confidence and overall productivity. Once you start to feel like you are the common denominator in this equation, it is your body's way of saying to you that you are over-worked and under-pampered. It's time to take a break from your busy schedule to remind yourself that you appreciate yourself and more importantly - your skin.


Regalo Céu’s Twin Set Minis are excellent for business trips & weekend breaks. The 50ml size per product will fit into your carry-on luggage perfectly which will eradicate time being wasted at the check in counter.


Benefits of Patchouli Serenity for your skin.

Patchouli turns dry and underwhelmed skin into a beautiful glow.

Excellent stress reliever which brings calm in pressurized environments and enables you to feel centred.



Benefits of Flawless Frankincense for your skin.

Frankincense is the oil of Royalty. Positive imagery is what distinguishes you from others.

     It keeps you in control, ever confident with a noticeable positive glow.  

Frankincense contains citrus which refines your skin’s complexion to reveal a beautiful glow. 


You cannot be so overworked and expect your skin to produce positively glowing results. That is like planting seeds of orange and expecting a harvest of avocados. Being the Boss can be hectic but it is no excuse to neglect yourself. So, you need to start your self-pampering session with skincare that will make you feel like you received a hug in a bottle and jar. Enter, Regalo Céu.

Our Patchouli Serenity Body Wash and Flawless Frankincense Body Lotion will help you restore your equilibrium so that all the anxiety and stress ebbs away, leaving you feeling calm, collected and confident, ready to show your team the reason why they were joyous when you were chosen to be their leader in the first place. Show yourself some love.


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