Skin Aphrodisiac Twin Set

Self-Love is an aphrodisiac for your skin

It’s understandable that with a hectic schedule such as yours, romance usually stays on the back-burner but, did you realise that when you take time out and either spend time with your significant other or even show yourself, self-love, your glow returns?


You become like a different person because love ignites comatose passion.


Regalo Céu’s Twin Set Minis are excellent for business trips & weekend breaks. The 50ml size per product will fit into your carry-on luggage perfectly which will eradicate time being wasted at the check in counter.


Benefits of Passionate Jasmine for your skin.

Jasmine is an anxiety reliever which ensures you are calm and in control in any given setting. Excellent for you. Excellent for your skin.

After a great night of excitement, Jasmine enables you to sleep well which is one of the requirements for glowing skin.



Benefits of Flawless Frankincense for your skin.

Frankincense is the oil of Royalty. Positive imagery is what distinguishes you from others.

     It keeps you in control, ever confident with a noticeable positive glow.

Frankincense contains citrus which refines your skin’s complexion to reveal a beautiful glow.  


When you feel passionate again, this shows in your work, your relationships, your outlook on life and the words from your mouth. Words can either build up or tear down and as a person in the position of authority, when you are not glowing from the inside out because you are over-worked and neglected in the romance department, your team become sensitive to this which once again lowers morale. Stop. Take a moment to rediscover romance and let us see that glow emerge once more. You will definitely need effective skincare to undertake this incredible task so, let Regalo Céu be the bearer of great news.

Our Passionate Jasmine Body Wash emits a fragrance to connect to your sensors to feel that wave of romance once more. Jasmine is the oil of love so, you are in great company. Then let your confidence shine through once again by applying the Regalo Céu Flawless Frankincense Body Lotion. The fragrance of Frankincense once connected to your sensors just makes you feel alive and in control once more.


You deserve to be loved and so does your skin. Don't delay. Get yours Today.

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