Skin Attraction Twin Set

Law of Attraction + Your skin = Success

Glowing skin is attractive. As a networker, you understand that usually, the Law of Attraction is firstly based on how you look - then what you have to say.


People judge first with their eyes then with their ears so, as you are the face of your establishment, it is important that your skin announces you first before any words are uttered from your lips.


Regalo Céu’s Twin Set Minis are excellent for business trips & weekend breaks. The 50ml size per product will fit into your carry-on luggage perfectly which will eradicate time being wasted at the check in counter.


Benefits of Rejuvenation Geranium for your skin.

Excellent mood uplifter. Just what you need regardless of how busy you are.

Geranium is great for revealing the radiance in your skin.



Benefits of Flawless Frankincense for your skin.

Frankincense is the oil of Royalty. Positive imagery is what distinguishes you from others. It keeps you in control, ever confident with a noticeable positive glow.

Frankincense contains citrus which refines your skin’s complexion to reveal a beautiful glow.


Glowing skin deserves planned preparation so, using skincare that meets this requirement is imperative. You need skincare that will not only cleanse and smoothen your skin, as time is of the essence, it has to smell great and absorb into your skin within seconds. Regalo Céu saw you coming from a mile away.


Our Rejuvenation Geranium Body Wash sets the scene from the first pour onto your sponge to lather your skin. The Geranium blends connects to your sensors transporting you to a parallel world of rejuvenation and relaxation (after all, you want to own the room you are networking in) then our Flawless Frankincense Body Lotion blend will make you feel confident from the first touch. From the first application on your skin, you start to experience how soft and smooth your skin becomes and with an added bonus of lotion absorption within 5 seconds from application, you will definitely realise that you are in charge of time and success.


Effortless flair is what you are known for. Let your skin announce it.


Don't delay. Get yours Today.

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