Skin Success Twin Set

Success! What Is It Without Great Looking Skin?

As a successful woman, it is imperative to uphold the standards of “first impressions last forever”. This starts with your skin. Subconsciously, even before business meetings begin and networking activities commence, your skin and overall appearance is judged. 

This is why it is so important to ensure your crowning glory stands out from the crowd – and where better to start than with skin glowing and sensor-connecting skincare by Regalo Céu. Created just for you..


Regalo Céu’s Twin Set Minis are excellent for business trips & weekend breaks. The 50ml size per product will fit into your carry-on luggage perfectly which will eradicate time being wasted at the check in counter.

Benefits of Rejuvenation Geranium for your skin.

Excellent mood uplifter. Just what you need regardless of how busy you are.

Geranium is great for revealing the radiance in your skin.



Benefits of Patchouli Serenity for your skin.

Patchouli turns dry and underwhelmed skin into a beautiful glow.

Excellent stress reliever which brings calm in pressurized environments and enables you to feel centred.


Typically, it's when you are expecting a hectic day at work the following day that everything else becomes urgent however, you understand that to be the best at what you do, self- care is vital. This is where Regalo Céu has done all the hard work to keep you rejuvenated and revitalized for any task at hand.

Regalo Céu’s Bo​​​​​​​dy Wash has been created with natural ingredients including our Geranium essential oil blends to make you feel refreshed and Body Lotion with Patchouli essential oil blends to make you feel centred and at peace. Additionally, Regalo Céu’s Body Lotion absorbs into the skin within 5 seconds after all, why waste so much time waiting for your lotion to dry when you could be catching up on your beauty sleep.


It’s time for you to experience this for yourself - Today.

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