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Utami G.


"I love the Flawless Frankincense Body Lotion scent because it works well with my perfume. It makes me smell fresh and sweet. It made me feel alert and confident because how I feel and smell daily is important to me.”

Lorraine J.


"I didn’t find the Citrus Alleviation Body Wash drying at all. Once it lathers up, a little goes a very long way. It feels like it is full of natural oils - as on the ingredient list. I found my skin was quite supple and nourished rather than stripped. I liked the smell.  

The Citrus Alleviation Body Lotion is fab. A very little really goes a long way. The Citrus Alleviation Body Wash and Citrus Alleviation Body Lotion do go well together.”

Coline K.

Psychology Dept. Personnel

"I really loved the Passionate Jasmine Body Wash and the Patchouli Serenity Body Lotion. They were really amazing! The Jasmine scent smelt so good. It’s like fresh flowers and it smells really natural. Jasmine is one of my favourite scents because it reminds me of my childhood. The texture of the Patchouli Serenity Body Lotion is very nice. It doesn’t feel like what you normally buy in the shops because it’s really creamy and it melts on my skin, nourishes my skin and it feels like really great quality.”

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