Empowered To Glow Collection

You owe it to yourself to glow wherever you go. Yes, we know that life can have its ups and downs but regardless of this, your skin should always appear flawless. From the boardroom to the boudoir - great looking skin commands positive attention.


Regalo Céu is so passionate about this that our products have been created with natural ingredients with the below benefits:


  • Alert the mind: Set yourself up for a successful day and let your sensors connect with essential oil blends to help you feel: energized for a new day, confident during important events, radiant even at the end of an incredibly busy day, rejuvenated during tired times and inject some romantic fire during those special times.


  • Hydrated skin all day long: Right after your shower, you need your skin to feel hydrated all day. Good-bye dull, parched skin especially if you have just been on a long-haul flight, had a rumble-in-the jungle at the gym or you have had a long, busy day and you need to feel rejuvenated.


  • Smooth, soft and silky skin: Run your hands over your skin after your first application and experience the wonders of beautifully silky-smooth and soft skin. Perfect for showing yourself, selfless-love.


  • Glow infused, nourished skin: If you are going to an important event or you are playing tourist in any destination of your choice, you will feel like a glowing rose in the midst of a bush of dull thorns. Set aside some time for yourself. Pamper yourself and let your skin feel like it is loved.


Come and explore our 5 ranges of Body Butter, Body Wash and Body Lotion for you to experience the amazing feeling of beautiful skin. Be good to yourself and find that perfect gem made just for you or someone special.


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